Usama creates a warm and welcoming space where he holds his massage treatments. The consultation beforehand gave me the opportunity to express in detail what I felt I requippred from the treatment. He has both a strong firm but yet sensitive and intuitive approach to the massage treatment. He quickly discovered where my knots and blocks were and effectively helped to ease them restoring me fully to a place of balance and relaxation. I would definitely recommend Usama for a powerful massage treatment

Madhava Norton – Surround Sound

23 September 2020

Great consultation first to understand what issues I was experiencing and then discussed treatment with me during the session to ensure that I was comfortable with each stage of treatment and listened to my feedback.
Really eased my shoulder tension and left me feeling really relaxed afterwards.
Would definitely recommend.
11 September 2020

A calm and friendly atmosphere.

Confident and professional approach and I left feeling a foot taller..thank you so much!

9 September 2020


100% recommendation. Massage and bodywork/mobilisation on my back and shoulders has really helped loosen up some complicated injury history. The techniques were the perfect balance between relaxing and actually feeling like they are doing something to properly help the tissues. It’s a rare thing to find…..massage can either feel under done, or over done, far too easily.

21 September 2020